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  •  Bow spring centralizer
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Bow spring centralizer

Bow spring centralizer also named Elastic centralizer ,can be widely used in the casing running operation of vertical Wells or high deviated Wells.

  • Production cycle: 7-30 days
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Product introduce

With the increasing variety of well conditions and the increasing requirement of cementing quality, the traditional casing centralizer can no longer meet the requirement of cementing.

This product is a new type of bow spring sleeve centralizer independently developed by puyang sanli chengxin petroleum equipment co., LTD. (divided into two types: single bow and double bow).

The products are all stamping braided structure, no welding defects.It is a new product to replace the old welded casing centralizer, and can be widely used in the casing running operation of vertical Wells or high deviated Wells.

Product features

1. The bow elastic casing centralizer is composed of a hoop, a bow spring plate and a pin.

2. Stamping system structure, the whole centralizer has no welding, no rivets, strong structure, high strength, small deformation, reliable locking and other advantages.

3. The centralizer of each specification is composed of the corresponding bow spring plate.The material of the bow spring sheet is 65Mn, after the forming heat treatment, all meet the standard requirements.

4. The pin is made of no. 45 steel with a diameter of 6mm, which has the function of anti-loose and self-locking.

5. The double-bow elastic casing centralizer has higher binding degree with casing, greater bearing capacity and better centered effect.

Technical parameters

Specification model
Number of shrapnel
Maximum outer diameter(mm)
Inner diameter (mm)

Length (mm)

4 1/2〃×6〃
4 160 116 550
7〃×8 1/2〃
6 230 181 550
7〃×8 3/8〃
230 181 550
7〃×9 1/2〃
6 255 181 550
7〃×9 7/8〃
6 255 181 550
7 5/8〃×9 1/2〃
6 255 197 550
9 5/8〃×12 1/4〃
8 335 247 550
103/4〃×12 1/4〃
8 335 275 550
13 3/8〃×16〃
10 420 343 550
13 3/8〃×17 1/2〃
10 460 343 550

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All our products have passed the API 10D certification,also we have the certification of ISO 9001 and ISO14001,etc....


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