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Semi-rigid centralizer

Semi-rigid casing centralizer can be used in horizontal well and other highly deviated Wells.

  • Production cycle: 7-30days
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Product introduce

In the past working process, the traditional centralizer would have problems such as falling off the centralizer bar, small centralizing force, poor centralizing effect, medium poor casing and easy to jam well. So the semi - rigid centralizer came into being.

Semi - rigid centralizer is made of SPHC alloy steel.Available in a variety of casing and wellbore series from 4-1/2 "to 20".

Compared with the traditional casing centralizer, the semi-rigid casing centralizer has the advantages of beautiful structure, firm and durable, strong centralizing force, reliable performance and not easy to fall off, and can completely replace the elastic centralizer.

The semi-rigid casing centralizer produced by our company is made of high quality imported special steel.With high impact resistance and sufficient tensile and yield strength, the downhole centralizer will not damage wellhead equipment.

Product features

1.Spiral centralizer can greatly improve displacement efficiency and cementing quality.

2.When the pressure is too high, the centralizer can be contracted to prevent it from getting stuck in the hole, which is conducive to casing lowering.

3.The characteristics of the semi-rigid centralizer make it easy to install and lower down.

4.Compared with the elastic centralizer, the semi-rigid centralizer can bear the casing weight better, so that it has better centralizing effect in horizontal well and other highly deviated Wells.

5.The semi - rigid centralizer is made by stamping, without shedding and other problems,and more pressure.

Technical parameters

Outer Diameter (mm)
InnerDiameter (mm)
Height (mm)
7"×8 1/4"
209 183 254
9 5/8"×12"
305 249 254
13 3/8"×14 1/2"
364 345 254

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