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Rigid centralizer

Rigid centralizer widly be used in inclined Wells and horizontal Wells.

  • Production cycle: 7-30days
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Produce introduce

With the increasing variety of well conditions and the increasing requirement of cementing quality, the traditional casing centralizer can no longer meet the requirement of cementing.In this case, the rigid centralizer comes into being.

Compared with the traditional casing centralizer, the rigid casing centralizer has the advantages of beautiful structure, strong durability, safe and reliable, large centralizing force, greater pressure bearing, reliable performance and not easy to fall off, which meets the requirements of some special well conditions and greatly improves the cementing quality.

The rigid casing centralizer produced by puyang sanli chengxin petroleum equipment co., LTD is made of high quality imported special steel or high strength aluminum alloy.With high impact resistance and sufficient tensile and yield strength, the downhole centralizer will not damage wellhead equipment.

Product features

1. Simple structure, safe and reliable, easy to use on site.

2. Spiral frame can scrape mud cake and clean well wall when casing goes into well, and can make cement mud produce swirling flow when cementing, which can effectively improve displacement efficiency.

3. Streamlined structure, convenient for casing running.

4. Spiral centralizer blocks with smooth transition are designed to overlap each other within 360 degrees, providing maximum contact area between centralizer and shaft wall.

5. Stronger load-bearing capacity, able to support the casing and keep the casing centered in inclined Wells and horizontal Wells.

Technical parameters


Outer diameter (mm)

Inner diameter (mm)



7"×8 1/2"
181 210 178 4
9 5/8"×12 1/4"
248 305 200 6
13 3/8×16"
345 438 200 6


Our Company

Puyang Sanli Integrity Oil Equipment Co. LTD,is a standardized and reformed enterprises of Sinopec Zhongyuan Oilfield.

It is a modern high-techentity with the capacity of  development, production and sales. The company is mainly engaged in drilling & oil producing equipment and its accessories, drilling & oil producing chemical auxiliaries, solid control equipment, and cementing tools, as well as providing professional drilling and oil producing technical services and oilfield engineering construction services.

All our products have passed the API 10D certification,also we have the certification of ISO 9001 and ISO14001,etc....

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