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Resin centralizer

Resin casing centralizer also named complex casing centralizer, be widly used in special well conditions, such as large displacement Wells.

  • Production cycle :7-30days
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Product introduce

With the emergence of more and more special well conditions, such as large displacement Wells, other types of centralizer in the process of lowering the difficulty gradually reflected, so puyang sanli integrity petroleum equipment co., ltd. independently developed a new polymer composite centralizer effectively solve the difficulties in the use of the site.

The resin casing centralizer produced by puyang sanli chengxin petroleum equipment co., LTD. Is made of high quality polymer material cast by high temperature and high pressure.

Compared with other types of resin centralizer, this new type of centralizer has the advantages of beautiful structure, light weight, strong centralizing force and not easy to fall off, which greatly improves the cementing quality.

Technical parameters

Specification model

Inner diameter (mm)

Outer diameter (mm)



4 1/2”×6”
117 148 250
5 1/2”×8 1/2”
141 210 250
7”×8 1/2”
181 210 250
7”×9 1/2”
181 235 250
7”×9 7/8”
181 245 250
7 5/8”×9 1/2”
196 235 250
9 5/8”×12 1/4”
247 305 250/300
10 3/4”×12 1/4”
276 305 250/300
13 3/8”×16”
345 400 250/300
13 3/8”×17 1/2”
345 438 250/300

Product features

1. The resin cyclone centralizer has a clockwise spiral flow channel, which can change the single one-dimensional axial flow displacement mode.

2, has a high impact and yield strength, so that it is not easy to deformation and damage in use.

3, low density, small weight, easy to carry and use, and has a high resistance to high temperature.

4. Low friction resistance and torque can reduce casing resistance.

5. It is resistant to oxidation, corrosion and insulation.

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