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  • Vacuum degasser

Vacuum degasser

The vacuum degasser is a solid control device specially designed to treat the gas infiltrating drilling fluid.

  • Production cycle:30days
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Product introduce

1、The vacuum degasser is a solid control device specially designed to treat the gas infiltrating drilling fluid. It can quickly remove the invading gas in the drilling fluid, restore the specific gravity of the drilling fluid, and stabilize the performance of the drilling fluid.It is an indispensable equipment for drilling wells, ultra-deep wells and underbalanced wells. It is suitable for supporting various types of drilling fluid circulation purification systems.

2、The degasser adopts a water ring vacuum pump, which is suitable for pumping flammable and explosive gases with stable isothermal working conditions, and has safe safety performance. The structure of the gas-water separator is reasonable in design, which can ensure the effective separation of gas-water and keep the exhaust pipe unobstructed.

Structure characteristics

1.The vacuum pump is used to pump mud into the vacuum tank and gas out of the vacuum tank.

2.Water ring vacuum pump is always in isothermal state in the working process, which is suitable for flammable and explosive gas suction, safe and reliable performance.

3.The mud is shot to the four walls through the window of the rotor at high speed.

4.Offset of main motor, lower center of gravity.

5.Belt drive is adopted to avoid the complication of deceleration mechanism.

6.The application of steam separator will not cause water and gas to be discharged at the same time, so that the exhaust pipe is always unblocked.In addition, can also be recycled to the vacuum pump water, saving water.

7.The suction pipe is inserted into the mud tank and can be used as a high-power agitator under the condition of no gas immersion in the mud.

Technical parameters


Model ZCQ-1/4

Model ZCQ-300
Processing capacity (m3/h)
Vacuum degree (mmHg)
Degassing efficiency
Main motor power (kW)
15 15
Vacuum pump motor power (kW)
2.2  /3(60Hz)
3 /4(60Hz)
Inlet tube diameter
Drain pipe diameter
Total mass (kg)
Dimensions (mm)

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