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Cement plug

When cementing ​isolate the cement slurry and mud to prevent the cement slurry from infiltrating into the mud and affecting the cementing quality.

  • Production cycle:7-30days
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Product  introduce

Anti - rotating cement plug,When cementing isolate the cement slurry and mud to prevent the cement slurry from infiltrating into the mud and affecting the cementing quality.

Conventional cementing plug can be divided into two types according to its use: upper cementing plug and lower cementing plug.(rubber plug, also known as rubber plug, can be used for single plug cementing)

The upper cement slurry is separated from the slurry to prevent the cement slurry from being polluted, and the cement slurry is replaced into the annulus at the same time.
Lower cement slurry and slurry are separated to prevent cement slurry from being polluted. There are shear pins inside the cement slurry that can be opened to provide a channel for cement slurry.

Our rubber plug conforms to API and China oil and gas industry standards, and is also a best-selling product of our company, which is well received by users.

Anti - rotating cement plug can be engaged automatically when pressing for the slurry. When the drill bit drilling the cementing rubber plug, the rubber plug will no longer rotate together with the drill bit, thus greatly improving its crushing efficiency and eliminating the hidden danger of oil well.

Structural features

An anti-rotation aluminum core is added at the bottom of the original rubber plug, and the lower part of the aluminum core is made into a six-angle cone with taper,

so as to facilitate the transmission of torque with the floating hoop base.

1.Standard cement plug is suitable for all kinds of float collar and float shoes.
Anti - rotation cement plug is suitable for anti -rotation float collar and float shoe.

2.Top and bottom plugs are designed with double stage sealing and scraping wings.

3.Scraping wing made of wear-resistant material.

Anti-rotation rubber plug design with anti-rotation mechanism, can greatly improve the drilling speed.

5.PDC bit or cone bit is drillable.

Technical parameters

Size The largest diameter The main body diameter
Anti-rotating height
5 1/2" 132-135 127-130 100-103 95-98 >= 30 253-320
7" 170-175 165-170 135-140 130-135 253-320
9 5/8" 235-240 230-235 186-191 181-185 253-320
10 3/4" 265-270 260-265 210-245 205-240 253-320
13 3/8" 332-337 327-332 265-270 260-265 253-320

Enterprise Show

Puyang Sanli Integrity Oil Equipment Co. LTD,is a standardized and reformed enterprises of Sinopec Zhongyuan Oilfield.

It is a modern high-techentity with the capacity of  development, production and sales. The company is mainly engaged in drilling & oil producing equipment and its accessories, drilling & oil producing chemical auxiliaries, solid control equipment, and cementing tools, as well as providing professional drilling and oil producing technical services and oilfield engineering construction services.


All our products have passed the API 10D certification,also we have the certification of ISO 9001 and ISO14001,etc....




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